Reduced mobility

Wheelchairs and Electric Cart Service

Wheelchair services are provided by airlines. Contact your airline to arrange this service in advance. Likewise, for specific information on disabilities, call the airline. In addition, you can also coordinate service at the airport counter when you check-in. 

In case you need the electric cart service, you should also contact the airline to coordinate the transportation of wheelchairs to the lobby. The electric cart service is NOT available from the terminal. This service is only available on the esplanade.

Once you arrive at the concourse, you can continue to be transported to the boarding gate in a wheelchair or arrange to take the electric cart service that operates on a regular schedule.

Disabled passengers at DEN airport


All public elevators are ADA accessible and can be found in all high-traffic areas of the airport, near the escalators. 

Ground Transportation

The following ground transportation companies pick up disabled passengers at curbside on Level 5, west-side of Jeppesen Terminal

  • Dashabout: notice is required 48 hours in advance: (800) 720-3274
  • Metro Cab: (303) 333-3333
  • Mobility Transport Service: 24 hour advance notice required: (303) 295-3900
  • RTD access-a-Ride: (303) 292-6560
  • Mobility Plus (Yellow Cab): 24 hour on-demand wheelchair accessible service: (303) 777-7777

Train: Escalators and elevators can be used to descend to the train stations.
In case of assisting a wheelchair user, use the cars in the middle of the train. Make sure the wheelchair doesn't get stuck at the boarding gate.

Accessible Parking Options

Denver International Airport offers spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility. In the East and West Parking Garages, these spaces are located next to the entrance gates to the Jeppesen Terminal and on parking levels 1, 2, 4 and 5.

In the case of using the peripheral parking lots, the accessible spaces are located near the passenger drop-off/pick-up locations in the Economy West and Economy East parking lots. All vans and buses serving these lots are equipped with lifts. The wheelchair or electric cart service is provided by the airline. For more information call (303) 342-4650.


Visual pager monitors are located near flight information display monitors and near baggage claim carousels. If you expect a page, you can use a TTY unit and call (800) 688-1333 for help.


There is a private unisex/family bathroom located in the Jeppesen Terminal and in each concourse. All restrooms are ADA accessible. In addition, the airport DEN has a Companion care restroom located on the west side of Level 5, next to the train exit and next to the men's restroom.

The Companion Care restroom has a height-adjustable, remote-controlled adult changing table inside, along with a standard toilet and sink.  


Several TTY public pay telephones for the deaf and hard of hearing are located in the terminal and in the concourses. Each unit is marked with the international TTY symbol. But, in turn, Customer Service and Special Services staff and Hospitality Ambassadors can also help you find a TTY unit.

Accessibility Services

Aira is a digital guidance app that uses a live, trained professional agent to help people who are blind or low vision complete tasks and guidance. In addition, there is a Video Relay Service (VRS) on the west side of the terminal, near gate 608, and another VRS monitor in front (east side of the terminal - gate 607). On the other hand, the airport has an interpretation service at the information desks of the terminal, Lobby A, B and C and at Customs for international arrivals Guide for families with Developmental Disabilities.